Fanny Parow Knill


As well as being an EFT Master practitioner I'm also a kinesiologist and have several tools in my therapy tool box. I have my own clinic in Nesodden, Norway, where I receive clients. I also do skype sessions, and can work in the English language.

Some of the other tools I use: Bach Flower remedies, reflexology, acupressure points, energy medicine, metamedicin principles (allthough I do not have the meta practitioner qualification) spiritual guidance based on an understanding of anthroposophy and chinese medicine and philosophy, intuitive healing.

My motivation and inspiration for the work I do with clients, is to empower people and help people to get a better contact with their bodies and energy bodies, and hear what they want to communicate, so that changes can be brought about from within, and true, sustainable healing can occur. 







Fanny Parow Knill is listed in: Energy EFT Master Practitioners in Norway